Event Space - FAQs


Q: Do I need to include set-up and clean-up time in my booking?

A: You should include set-up and clean-up time in your reservation. Typically, customers allocate 30-60 minutes for set-up and 30 minutes for clean-up. 30 minutes is typically for events with minimal additional decor and no catering. 60 minutes is needed for events with elaborate decor and catering.

Q: Can I reschedule my event to another date?

A: Please contact us at least one month before your event. We can do our best to accommodate as long as there are no other events already scheduled for your new desired date.

Q: How can I extend my reservation if my event is running longer than expected?

A: Please contact us at least an hour before the end of your event if you need to extend your reservation. We can usually accommodate an extension if there are no other events after your reservation. For nighttime events, we cannot extend past 11PM.

Q: What is the maximum number of attendees?

A: We can comfortably and safely accommodate 30.

Q: Can I visit the store?

A: Yes, please book a tour using this link: https://thepreserveshop.hbportal.co/schedule/63914938348ed3002840bb98.

Furniture Available

Q: How many tables and chairs are available?

A: We have two ~7ft dining tables, 22 stools, two armchairs, and one ~7ft black folding table.

Q: What are the dimensions of the dining tables?

A: 82 5/8"by 35 3/4"

Q: I want to bring my own table cloths. What size table cloths would fit the two dining tables?

A: 120" by 60"

Q: What are the dimensions of the black folding table?

A: 72" by 29 1/2"


Q: Is there a sink or kitchen space?

A: We have a sink in the back room but we don't have a full kitchen. Customers sometimes bring their own microwave to heat up food and their own cooler to keep drinks chilled.

Event Space Add-ons

Q: I purchased a balloon arch or baby/bride balloon boxes. When should I inform you of my color choices?

A: You have until 2 weeks before your event to finalize your colors for the balloon arch or baby/bride balloon boxes. Please email us at friends@shopthepreserve.com.

Food & Drinks

Q: I plan on hiring a caterer. Where can they set up? When?

A: Caterers can prep food and drinks in the backroom. They can use our black folding table or bring their own. And they can start setting up at the start of your reservation time.

Q: Can I serve alcohol?

A: Yes. We kindly ask that you drink responsibly. And you are responsible for any damages to our merchandise and space.

Vendor Referrals

Q: Do you have any recommendations for caterers?

A: For lunch catering, we have worked with Liang's Village (contact: erica@liangsvillage.com). For afternoon tea and brunch catering, check out Tea Traditions (ttraditions.com).

Q: Do you have any recommendations for a florist?

A: We recommend our friend Kieu (contact: trinh.k96@gmail.com).

Day-Of Logistics

Q: How will I be able to access the space on the day of my booking?

A: A member of our team will greet you at the start time of your reservation and return again 10 minutes before the end of your reservation. Please have someone available to arrive within 10 minutes of your start time to introduce the space, and then please have all of your belongings packed up to leave by the end time. We may have other events or tours scheduled, please be courteous and honor the timing you reserved. Thank you!

Q: Where can my guests and I park?

A: There is free parking in the building's garage. Please park in spots labeled "Retail Parking". The garage gate automatically closes at 8pm, but it will open from the inside as you drive out.

There is also ample street parking with no time limit on our side of the street. Note that across the street (on the side of Whole Foods) there is a 2 hour time limit.

Payment & Deposits

Does NOT apply to Peerspace bookings

Q: When do I make the second payment? How?

A: We will send you an email a week before your event to remind you to make your second payment. The email will include a link to submit payment.


Q: Are pets (dogs) allowed?

A: Yes, you can bring your dogs. Please note that you are responsible to reimburse if there are any damages to our merchandise or store displays/furnitures.