How to Find the Perfect Plant Gift 🪴

How to Find the Perfect Plant Gift 🪴

One of the most common questions we get in the shop: can you help me buy a gift for my friend?

As plant people, we love being able to not only help someone find the best plant for their home, but also to help people give the best gift of all: more plants!

If you're struggling to find the right plant for someone else, here are some tips we like to share:

Consider your friend's current level of plant care.

If you are gifting for an expert with tons of plants in their home, then you can feel pretty free to simply add a new plant to join their family. If your friend has maybe a couple of plants here and there, you're thinking more of the casual plant parent - or selective with their style. Finally, if they have no plants at all (or have been self-professed to be a plant killer), we are looking to inspire (or encourage) a beginner!

How big of a plant might they want?

Plants are typically sized in the shop by their pot diameter size. They go from tiny (2" to 3") to giants (10" - 12" - 14" or even Gallon sized)! Most people buy plants between 4" to 6" to be safe, but we can help you be bold if you are aiming for something bigger. Consider the lighting in their space to go that extra mile.

Once you've found the answers to these questions, let us know when you come in and we can help you find the best plant for your friend!

What about plant accessories?

If you're not sure what kind of plant they might want, then maybe a perfect accessory, such as a gorgeous pot or planter, or a practical tool such as new gloves, a fine mister, or (our all-time favorite) a moisture meter would be the best addition to their home.

We also carry luxurious candles and oil diffusers that can add ambience to a room, shelf, or desk that already has plants!

Still not sure?

Sometimes you really want them to be able to pick the pots, plants, or accessories that they want. We get that too. Sometimes the best gift is the experience of shopping for it yourself. We have virtual and physical gift cards available for sale, so you can be absolutely sure that they get exactly what they want!


No matter when you are seeking a gift for someone you care about, plants will absolutely bring an unexpected smile and brighten their day.

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